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When it comes to designing a bespoke app or website design, Intact Solutions has an uncanny ability to bring order to chaos, turn the unusable into the usable, and transform unappealing designs into customer-driven experiences. Over the years, we have designed countless digital products using an array of platforms, tools, and plugins to deliver rewarding experiences that boost the duration of the engagement.

From industry titans to mid-sized companies and startups, many businesses have benefited from our immersive UX and UI design services. We can step in at any juncture of the web or app’s UI UX design process and deliver a product that’s optimized, easy-to-use, and good-looking. Remember, it’s important to get it right the first time because 75% of the customers judge the credibility of a business by its design.

Our World-Class UI UX Design Services

User Interface Design

Our UI design team is focused on improving conversions & increasing customer engagement.   

User Experience Design

Our functional and visually pleasing app & web designs gives us an edge that none can match. 


Good iconography is utterly essential and we create ones that can make a grave difference.  

Web Page Design

We create web designs that retain users, encourage conversions & follow best SEO practices


Let your web shine with ultraclean images that can visually communicate your brand message.  

Landing Page Design

Grow your sales and revenue with custom landing page designs that speak to your audience.  

Design for Wearables

Revamp your web appeal & capture more leads by aligning the design with iOS & Android Wear 

Blog Design

Blog design can greatly impact how your target audience read it. Let us design it accordingly.  

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We’re a leading UI and UX service company that put in a concerted effort to give your brand the most functional and beautiful digital assets.

Our Winning UI and UX Design Process Design Process

Our human-centered design approach has allowed us to notch an efficient UI UX design process that offers solid returns to our clients by addressing their pain points













Why Choose Us?

Poor UX design can cost you a fortune. How? 50% of the developer’s pay is wasted on fixing bugs and over 50% of the users won’t use your platform again. A significant amount of your budget is spent on customer support. At Intact Solutions, we power companies with futuristic screen designs by keeping the complexities behind the scenes, so your brand can create a meaningful connection with its audience.

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