Delivering Value Through Advanced Data Science And Analytics

Uncover Business Opportunities With Data Science/Analytics

Your business is likely to be storing loads of dark data—unused and unstructured information generated as a result of people’s online choices and actions. Imagine how many opportunities would be hidden there. Leveraging the power of Data Science, we enable businesses to proceed through petabytes of raw data by transforming it into actionable insights that result in higher revenue generation.

Big data and advanced analytics can give you a serious edge over the competition, yet only a handful of businesses truly unlock data’s desired synergy. At Intact Solutions, our data scientists build internal capabilities for your business to establish strong practices that help you achieve better performance through useful data. Mind you, there’s no silver bullet for the transition.

Data Science Services To Solve Business Challenges

Big Data

Build capabilities to decipher raw data and gather valuable insights with data analytics in minimal response time.

Data Mining

Our deep industry expertise and unswerving Business Analytics allow you to see valuable patterns and demand predictions.

BI Reporting

Track, evaluate, and gather useful information for key performance indicators, such as sales, operations, finance, etc.

Cloud BI

Fuel your business growth by implementing a cloud intelligence strategy to keep pace with the ever-changing market.

Custom / Theme Integration

Get a 360-degree customer view of data with our bespoke dashboards that augment key insights with predictive analytics.

Data Modeling

We use physical, logical, and conceptual statistical analytics to identify and address potential discrepancies.

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Our Core
Data Analytics Skills

Business Intelligence

Business analytics is primarily used to monitor the current state of business data with just one sole aim: to develop an understanding of a business’s historical performance.

  • Business analytics helps you make sense of the raw info

  • Data visualization gives the big picture of the project.

  • Quantitative analysis projects reality in terms of numbers.

  • Querying data showcases trends and analysis from data mining tools.

Data Science

Intact Solutions provide data science solutions for businesses of all sizes by building end-to-end machine learning infrastructure to boost efficiency and make the best decisions at the right time.

  • Deep learning enables machines to solve complex problems.

  • Computer vision train systems to interpret the visual world.

  • Predictive analysis makes predictions regarding future events.

  • Machine learning help systems learn and improve without being explicitly programmed.

  • Natural language processing creates systems like machine translation, speech recognition, etc.

Data Management

Data management is a practice to collect, maintain, and use data in a secure, efficient, and cost-effective manner. It ensures the timeliness in access and reliability of the data.

  • Database design is the organization of unstructured data.

  • Data ingestion lets you transport data from various sources to a storage medium.

  • Data modeling is a way to create a data model for an information system.

  • Data warehouse is an electronic storage medium for large amounts of data.

  • Data architecture is defined as a set of rules, standards, and policies.

Progressive Web App Development

The mobile web development division at Intact Solutions builds apps that exceedingly enhances engagement & conversion rates. Here’s what we work on:

  • Responsive app development

  • Custom progressive app development

  • Mobile compatibility

  • React native web app

Our Expertise In Data Science Technologies

Industries We Love To Serve

We have tackled a range of technical challenges companies face and know how to resolve your most pressing issues with technology. Be it backend web development or front end programming, we can make your web app journey both easy and affordable.   


We help drive more leads & sales from Pay-Per-Click, social media & content marketing.


With our proven solutions, businesses have 2X their sales, revenue & customer loyalty.

Health Care

By decoding data, we brought in more patients for our clients at an incredibly low cost.

IT & Marketing

Our expertise in the B2B & B2C channels have worked wonders for IT & marketing firms.


Drive targeted traffic to your website with predictive analytics and database marketing.

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